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Apr 6, 2021

Are you addicted to social media? Facebook perhaps? Well, I was a little bit, but in my profession of personal development, it’s sorta required to post positive sayings now and again.

Well, I decided to take a break from it, last Monday I believe. Why? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, we have a shit show of an election going on and much to my surprise (hands on face ala Home Alone) people I respected and admired were advocating for a certain candidate, and I won’t name names, but he’s orange and full of doo doo (see I can refrain from colorful language).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am TOTALLY respectful and supportive of our democracy and privilege to to vote for whom we feel is the best candidate. So, while I don’t particularly think Dump is worthy of representing our entire UNITED States, I do respect his outspoken ways shall we say. Too bad whenever he speaks it’s either useless information or lies. Well, those are the same right?

However, and the point of this is, when you start calling other people names like “You’re stupid if you like ________ candidate” then I start having heart palpitations. Feel me? This goes for either side of the stupid “aisle”, that should be forever destroyed and instead everyone should sit Indian style, inhale some herb, and hold fucking hands, in my humble opinion!

This is part of the reason I quit Facebook….for now. I wanted to hop in the Delorean, top off the flux capacitor, and go back to when we TALKED to each other! Do you remember the “Good old days”? Do you find it funny that we have “Friends” on FB but how many of them have we had a CONVERSATION with? True, I get it that we’re “virtual” friends, but just the same, I wanted to see how life was without me checking every hour who liked my posts and how many times it was shared. Oh yeah, that’s another reason. I was getting caught up in the numbers game. “How popular is my thought today??”

Anyway, that said, I do miss very much engaging with those who like my KICKASS brand of motivation, inspiration, and edjumukation. I miss seeing family posts of my “friends” and of course, life wouldn’t be complete without videos of awesome animals doing amazing shit! Right? Love that!! People: take note of how animals live life! ‘Nuff said.

SO, how are you with FaceCrack? Addicted? Over it? Would love to hear your comments!

Until next time, wishing you awesome KICKASS times!



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