Where Did My Confidence Go?
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 6, 2021

My main mission with everything I do here with The KICKASS Guide to Life is about teaching you (and reminding me) how to build true authentic self-confidence. The kind where you ROCK who you are 24/7 and OWN it! No more pretending to be something you’re not to get people to “like” you! Bullshit to that crap! Right?

“So, Christopher Rausch, how do we accomplish this?” Great question! We go deep with my program “Create Your UNSTOPPABLE Attitude for Personal and Professional KICKASS Success!”

Whether I’m speaking onstage, rocking my radio show (now available here as a podcast on Itunes), my social media posts and videos, or as a coach/mentor I’m constantly trying to get you to this amazing level of inner peace and outward confidence.

And actually, to be perfectly honest, I stopped officially coaching sometime ago. Why? Because I’m empathic to a degree of stupidity sometimes that was literally causing me to be sick to my stomach coaching people. I was MORE invested than my clients which really started pissing me off! I’m the “NO Excuses” coach for a reason but you’d be amazed how the doozies I’d hear from my clients!

All of that is changing now because my coaches are inspiring me to offer coaching again. For one, I’m great at it and two, I consistently get RESULTS!

To test the waters, I recently decided to put an offer out on my newsletter and social media offering a FREE complimentary coaching session – no strings attached. I wanted to see if I still loved helping people in a one-on-one environment.

Honestly, it was a blast doing these free “Strategy Sessions” because I was working with people who are TRULY sick and tired of being sick and tired! That’s the key! These people were HUNGRY for change and ready to get dirty to achieve it!

What I want  to share with you today is the commonality of what I’ve been reminded of in doing these calls. It’s the lack of true, “I FUCKING own my confidence like NO other!” from these tremendous people. I say “tremendous” because they took action on a offer from me for a FREE 45min coaching call. They had the courage to get out of their own way which I highly respect!

I’m actually quite shocked I didn’t get hundreds of replies, but obviously those people weren’t ready to move forward with their lives just yet. It’s cool but still surprising. They probably thought I was lying about it being free with no strings attached but it’s the truth. For the ones interested in coaching with me, I shared my information. Otherwise, wished them well and told them to please keep in touch and ask my advice as they needed it.

Anyway, these awesome people have confidence, don’t get me wrong. It’s just the overall deep BELIEF that no matter what happens, they will survive, and yes, even fucking THRIVE dammit! And you know what, it’s totally human and understandable. The bullshit conditioning that’s taken place since we were little shits is unbelievable to say the least. My mission and passion is to undo that negative thinking and replace it with new solid KICKASS beliefs!

And speaking of beliefs, one deep belief I have is this thing we call “life” is a journey – not a destination. We are (hopefully) continuing to evolve, grow, change, and develop into our next version of ourselves.

Another way to look at is is we’re kinda like a computer program. We update to 2.0 from 1.0 to get better features and results right? Well, the same is true for our belief “system” too. We need to work out our own bugs and update our own operating system right? Make sense?

My role in your journey is to be your “Professional Best Friend” and get you unstuck from your rut and create new belief patterns so that you are truly UNSTOPPABLE! You might be thinking, “Why professional best friend?” Well, “Best Friends” to me means you tell each other the good, bad, and especially the ugly.

Sadly though, we are conditioned (here it is again) to not “hurt” the people we love by being honest with what we see and believe about them. How stupid is that? If you’re best friend isn’t telling you the truth then I’d suggest shopping around. They are “hurting” you more by telling you that you want you want to hear and not what you need to hear. See where I’m going?

I’m so thankful when my friends and mentors have the balls to tell me, “Hey Chris, you’re so fucking up right now and I know you can do way better than this!” Feel me? This way, I can fix (imagine that) what’s not working and get back on the happy trail of making a difference in the world. I mean, it’s nice to be nice, but if you truly love someone, and want them to be happy and successful, then not telling them isn’t being a friend if you ask me.

Now, let me say this about being “UNSTOPPABLE.” I get people thinking that me, Christopher Rausch, the creator of The KICKASS Guide to Life, is always happy and positive. Shit no! Let me set the record straight – I’m NOT always happy and positive. As a matter of fact, I get depressed at times. I get angry and resentful at times. I get bitter and whiny at times too. Can you believe that? No? Well, ask my wife, she’ll tell you 🙂

However, being UNSTOPPABLE is when you’re down in the dumps, and you get a one-day pity party to be pissy, then the next day you get the fuck up and decide to be a part of the SOLUTION and no longer part of the PROBLEM. Dig?

Here is my formula for creating amazing self-confidence. Are you ready?

1. Decide you deserve amazing success and happiness
2. Take the first step toward earning it
3. Breathe deep
4. Take the next step
5. Smile in the mirror
6. Take the next step
7. Look how far you’ve come
8. Reward your progress
9. See step #1 (reaffirm your commitment constantly!)

Obviously this is a very simplified breakdown but truthfully it’s really simple. You see, we complicate the shit out of nearly everything in our lives right? We overthink, overanalyze, procrastinate, and wind up binge watching an entire season of The Walking Dead in one night to escape the reality of life.

To make matters worse, we repeat over and over in our heads the bullshit crap others have said to us or are saying to us now. For obvious reasons we believe their misguided “love” and “concern” for us and guess what? Belief inspires reality. Misery loves company…..just sayin…..

So, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then do SOMETHING about it! Small steps, repeated over time, consistently, makes for an amazing KICKASS life! Trust me! I’m living fucking proof!

If you haven’t had a free strategy session with me and are interested in perhaps having a “Professional Best Friend” aka “The NO Excuses Coach” in your corner, then please hit me up!

I’ll leave you with this: in the end, when you’re looking back on your life, do you want accomplishments or regrets? The choice is and always will be yours my friend!

Until next time, wishing you all the KICKASS success and happiness you go after!

Christopher Rausch


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