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Christopher Rausch
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Ever feel like a kitten chasing a laser pointer in circles for hours ending up dizzy as shit without ever capturing said pointer? 

Attempting to answer the question, “What Am I” most often results in the same nauseating outcome. Even for me the “Master Motivator.” Yes, I’ve been there before, and oaccasionally I end up here again. It’s life and part of our journey whether we like it or not. 

What Am I? Such a profound question right? 

Well, what are YOU? Are you a mom? A sister? Aunt? Coworker? Wel l, I’m guessing if the label applies you’re all of them right? But how can we encapsulate all our labels under one banner that says it all? 

Hi, in case we’ve never met or you’re new to my blog, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christopher Rausch, and I’m a professional speaker, life coach, writer, trainer, masterminder, youth mentor, entertainer, comedian, radio show host, tv show host, event emcee, and probably a few I forgot haha. 

I’m also a husband, father, friend, coworker, leader, and you get the picture by now right? We all wear a bunch of different hats depending on the circumstance and audience right? But let’s revisit the question again: What Am I? Just a fascinating question that can go in so many directions so I suggest you have fun with it – on your own time. 

The inspiration for this blog is that I just posed the question to myself. As I considered the bevy of titles I’ve earned in my personal development business named Master Motivators I suddenly became overwhelmed by my multiple choice answers as indicated above. Originally I started speaking with my focus on helping “at risk” youth. To share my story with the sole goal of inspiring them to think differently about their past, present, and most importantly their future. Then, people saw me speak, heard my knowledge and passion, and then was asked to speak for organizations across the great USA. 

Then, I had people coming to me asking this thing called “coaching.” “Hey, what you were saying up there (on stage) really resonates with me! Would you consider taking me on as a full-time coaching client?” At the time “coaching” still had the new car smell and people were leery of it like the new snake oil. So, I’d ask the person some questions, and depending on the answers, off to the races we went. In a nutshell, they wanted help getting over their lame excuses. In other words, they wanted to perceive their strengths and opportunities differently. 

After working one-on-one helping people overcome their self-created crap without the self-help fluffy bulslhit (like that?) I was hooked like a drug addict on helping everyone! However I could, with my knowledge and passion, I was nearly compulsive with helping everyone I came in contact to see their lives differently. Get this, my friends actually had to do an intervention on me! I was TOO positive! I agree with them. Poor guys couldn’t even say “Wow what a shitty day” without yours truly jumping on them ninja style whipping their attitude big time! No Bueno! Bad Christopher.  

That said, whether it be on “The KICKASS Radio Show”, speaking for foster youth organizations, coaching, conducting masterminds, corporate training, videos, and of course writing blogs, there’s been one factor seperating those who went on to be successful and those that went back to the way they were. Can you guess what that ONE piece of truth is? 

Think about your own life for a minute. When have you made serious changes to either yourself or your life? What REALLY changed? Multiple choice time: 

1. Other people? 

2. Magic genie appeared? 

3. Won the lotto you never play (but always chime in on the conversation “What would you do if you won the lottery?” Right??? Right??? 

4. You changed

Now, if you are having difficulty answering this question, then please stop reading, and go to the nearest mirror and punch yourself in the face! Just kidding don’t do that. But if you considered it you’re an idiot. 

Yes, the key to change is  WE have to change! Change our what???? Our THINKING!!! The amazing Dr. Wayne Dyer said “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change.” I want you to really digest that bit “‘O Wholly shit that’s amazing advice”for a minute or thirteen. Please. It CAN change your life forever. I promise. 

I see a lot of people who get what I what I love to call “Motivation Madness.” They get momentarily pissed off at their situation, decide right then and there “I’m sick of doing this over and over! I’m going to get my shit together once and for all!” Then, with all good intentions, sign up for the first three day, “YES You Can!” seminar they find. At this point, and stop me if you’ve heard this before, they tell EVERYONE “this time I mean it!” about the event and their future failure free lives. Did I strike a nerve? If so, I’m not sorry! 

Quite understandably, they are feeling the pump and attend the “My Life Will Change Overnight” high-five-fest, do a bunch of rah rah chanting and jumping up and down shit, and become a high fiving MONSTER for three blissful live-changing days! So much gratutis hand-slapping they can’t even give a “golf” clap for their daughter’s Tuba solo the next day! Ever experience “high five hands?” If not, it hurts! 

But of course, let’s not quickly forget, they also write down a bunch of great quotes, and it wouldn’t be a completely “transformational experience” without noodling down some “Takeaways” we’re supposed to start working on right away right? 

Now, let me ask you, what happens to all the adrenaline and hype right after that Tuba solo? Yeah, you climb right back into that rut you call a “life” with well-meaning intentions to “do something” with your notes etc. “next weekend” right? I say “right” because I’ve been just as guilty. We’re human and don’t get me wrong some people actually do something with their newfound motivation. They are what we call our special over-achievers. Usually the “something is telling everyone “Oh my God, I went to this even this, and I’m telling you, this time it’s different! I’m really going to do something this time!!” Feel me? Can I get a high five on this? 

Soooooo what’s missing from the thousands of people’s lives who’ve attended motivational events yet still struggle to take risks, make commitments, and move forward with their dreams? 

Since you’ve read this far I’ll tell you what’s missing. It’s called the “Snap.” If you’ve had IT then you know what IT is. It’s the ultimate breaking point where no matter what, shit is changing, and changing RIGHT FUCKING NOW!” 

Who Am I? 

I’m a THOUGHT-PROVOKER. Sure, I can be your “Motivational” or “Inspirational” speaker  for 45mins. But, if you want real change – we have to reprogram your beliefs about your past, present, and future. We MUST give new meaning to what’s currently holding you back. This requires some serious questions that get to the root of what’s holding you back. Through a serious financial commitment we rebuild your foundation and this time it’s based on authentic hard-rocking KICKASS self-confidence. “Oh…there it is, he said ‘investment’ – I knew he would try to sell me something.” Don’t worry – this isn’t about “selling” you shit! 

It’s all part of the fact that without accountability consistently over a period of time you’re most likely never going to move forward and make any real progress. And, if you wait too long, you’ll be sitting with a Bingo card in your hand asleep face down in your afternoon lemon cake because your medications kicked in. None of the other residents at the old folks home are laughing because they have regrets too. See the correlation? 

I’ve been in personal development officially now for nine years and I finally realize I can’t “motivate” or “inspire” you to become UNSTOPPABLE without working directly with you kicking your bullshit stories and excuses into the emotional woodchipper I carry with me at all times. You’re welcome! 

I’ve been super fortunate to meet a lot of amazing stewards of personal development. Even spent three days with one of my heroes Les Brown! He’s amazing at inspiring thousands of people all at once. Here’s what I’ve learned from the greats and my own experience: People only change when they have leverage. What’s leverage? It’s the LOOOOONNNGGGG fucking stick that can move a ginormous bolder the fuck outta the way! It’s power beyond what it appears to be.  

Maybe I’m a “Leverage Finder” instead of “Life Coach”? Or, maybe I’m a “Why Finder”? 

Or, maybe I’m just Christopher Rausch, a guy who loves to see people get “The Face.” It’s “The Face” I’ve been blessed to see many times in my career. It’s the face that suddenly goes from confused to….. OHHHHHHH SNAP I get it now! When we see that face, we see change. We see courage. We see results like never before. 

Are you one of the special over-achievers? If so, I congratulate you! Must have had excellent role models and mentors. But if you’re waiting for the magic pill, book, recipe, whatever, to create the change you so badly want, then I’m sad to say you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life. A life you can choose to waste or embrace. 

I could talk for hours and hours about this shit but it’s 5’oclock somewhere and I need a drink!

Since you read this far I’m gonna offer something special to you. For the first five people who email me I’ll give a free 45min strategy session to see if you’re really ready to to take action now or should wait. 

Until then, sending you my KICKASS best, 




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