Transparency: Choices About Health
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 6, 2021

Good Morning world!!

Transparency: As most of you know, I’m in battle with three different groups to lose weight! All for charity which is a great cause!

I had a few moments yesterday where I wanted to throw in the towel. My shoulder is killing me, as you know I have back issues already, and my energy level was in the CRAPPER big time!!

Yet, I KNEW (and it’s what I teach) that in the moment I wanted to go to In & Out for a double-double, I could make a choice! I could choose to be a victim to my feelings, or tell them to piss off and still go to the gym anyway.

I chose to go to the gym! Wasn’t my best or longest workout, but I SHOWED UP! Why? For a few reasons. One being, my health! Second, I can’t speak on stage or coach people about choices if I’m letting the weaker side of me win more than the stronger side.

We’re all human and will fall down from time to time. It’s allowed. The KEY and please LISTEN – when we fall down, do NOT stay down!!!

Get around people who have your best interest at heart! Don’t live like a lone wolf – like I used to!

Sometimes days, weeks, and even months are a struggle for me! But, I keep trying new stuff and I know its happening for a reason! The reason? To share with you and make the world a better place full of KICKASS people living a healthy rocking life!!

In the end, it’s all up to us!! No one else! NO EXCUSES!!

Need help? Need to vent?


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