Time to Hit The Reset Button on Life!
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 6, 2021

Don’t you wish you had a magical “RESET” button? You know, it’s a super-duper shitty day and there right in front of you is a big red smashable life resetting button! Wouldn’t that be totally KICKASS?

Well, it’s not quite that easy, but not totally impossible either. Take it from me, the self-proclaimed “workaholic”, we can’t take this life too seriously. It’s way too fucking short! Now, let’s take a look at just why we get our panties in wad over everyday life.

In one word it’s our EGO! Yup! That stupid-ass annoying voice in our heads telling us “C’mon let’s take this shit personal and get upset over it!” Sound familiar? Trust me, as someone who’s fought for what’s right and fair, I’ve taken a lot personally and what good has it done me? Well, in some situations it’s earned me respect, but in others, it’s earned me frequent shopper credits for TUMS and Rolaids! How do I spell RELIEF? Say it with me “J A C K D A N I E L S” haha! Right?

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Something happens outside of your control, you get super pissed about (maybe some feet stomping action), you don’t take action on changing it, then you get even more pissed, then, drown your sorrows in your poison of choice. Then, you regret that decision the next morning right? So, how are we better off for doing this shit over and over day after day??? Well, in case you were dropped on your head as a kid, we’re not any better off!!!

So then what do we do? Chances are we tell ourselves, “Forget about it!” thinking that actually works, and then suppress it with all the other bullshit crap that’s pissed us off before. What we’re basically doing is strapping explosives to our body. But the only person this bomb is hurt is ourselves and probably the ones we love the most. Feel me?

I’m gonna probably sound like a broken record, but again, what is this solving? We all know the definition of insanity is doing the same fucking thing over and over expecting different results right? “So Mr. KICKASS, which wire do you suggest we cut so the ticking time-bomb never goes off?” Well, I’m really glad you asked my friend! (Side note: isn’t it kinda odd I’m writing as though we’re really having this conversation? Or are we? Think about that!)

The solution isn’t easy nor quick. It takes consistent commitment (I know, two words you love to death). Here’s what’s worked for my clients and more importantly myself:

  1. If something is truly bugging you like an itchy crotch in public then do something about it! Itch that fucker! Become part of the SOLUTION instead being a part of the PROBLEM! Dig? And NO, bitching isn’t being a part of the solution my friend! That only perpetuates (see I can use big words too) the frustration and ultimate anger we project out to the world. Especially to those we love the most! How’s that for a major bummer realization?
  2. Ask yourself, “Why am I taking THIS shit soooo personal?” Answering this question might require a trip to the couch. And, by the “couch”, I’m referring to a licensed professional who deals with this crap every day. We commonly refer to them as “Shrinks.” Chances are what you’re feeling is tied to your beloved (kidding) EGO. Or, get this for an eye-opener, we’re wasting time focusing on everyone else’s crap instead of our own! It’s a diversion technique. It’s why the saying “Don’t cast stones from glass houses” has been translated into 69 million languages!
  3. Get away from it! You may not know this, but I used to beat my head against a wall each and every night. Not literally of course, but that might have resulted in less pain. No, I’m talking about watching the fucking world news! Yes, I was a news and political junky! And NO, for those who did get dropped on your head as a baby, I didn’t shoot news and politics directly into my veins!

So there I was, one faithful night, beating away (get your mind out of the gutter) my head against the preverbal wall, when my life changing moment came: “Why in the fuck am I doing this to myself???” “What am I doing to change this shit that’s pissing me off?” My honest answer? “Not a goddam thing!” So, why bother watching in the first place? I’ll stop here because I can go on about the news media etc. Aren’t ya proud of me?

Well, I was gonna keep this short, but, as you can tell, I’m passionate! Which, is why I am learning how to hit the RESET button myself.

Listen, I believe every morning we wake up we’re given a clean slate to paint on. If you’re religious, you liken it to being reborn. But seriously, you know my phrase and I want you to say it with me:


I believe in this so much that it’s tattooed on my right forearm! Don’t believe me? Email me and I’ll send you proof!

So, what’s it gonna be? Continue frustrating the shit out of yourself, slowly killing yourself, hurting those around you, jeopardizing your own success and happiness, or hit your own RESET button?

If you are seriously ready to starting kicking ass in your personal and professional life hit me up! I only take coaching clients who are beyond done with their situation and ready to take action! I’d love to talk with you on a free call to see if we’re a fit! What do you have to lose?

Until next time, all my very KICKASS best for you and your family!



PS: Let me know what you think of this and share your own stories and ways you changed your own outcomes! christopher@christopherrausch.com

PPS: This blog has not been edited. Truth: I’m a perfectionist and haven’t been writing much lately because I write, then edit, then rewrite, then edit, then save and never publish it. That shit has to stop now! So, the winner of who finds the most grammatical errors wins a free coaching session with me!


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