The Insanity Must Stop Now!
Christopher Rausch
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Oct 15, 2021

As your #NoExcusesCoach my passion and intention is to rid your life of the beliefs which create the excuses that hold you back!


One of my favorites lately is hearing, “Chris, I just don’t feel like it! I’ve got this and that and there was this and oh yeah the other thing I forgot about…”


Does this sound painfully familiar?


You are at the prime point right here and now to decide whether or not you are gonna continue playing the “Someday” game.


You know, “Someday, when this and that are this way, THEN I’ll______!”


Or worse, “I wish/hope/pray that one day this and that will be like that and this and then I’ll be able to ______”


Get me? Feel me?


I’m firing up the KICKASS UNSTOPPABLE LIFE Group Coaching Program for 2022 and it’s an amazing opportunity to go from “Comfortably Miserable” to KICKASS UNSTOPPABLE!


IF you are ready to seriously roll-up your belief sleeves and get dirty with the shit holding you back then by all means please accept my invitation to have one-on-one session with me – my treat!!


Book your spot here:


Tonight 10/12 at 7pm (PST) I’ll be sharing more about this and so much more!


#KICKASS2022 #UNSTOPPABLE #MindsetMastery #NORegrets


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How Do I Know If I Need a Coach?

If you want true abundance, confidence, and congruency in your overall life…then you need a coach!

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired…then you need a coach!

If you’ve been hoping, wishing, and yes, even praying, for different results and not getting them…then you need a coach!

If you want to feel like you are really LIVING rather than simply EXISTING….then you need a coach!

If you no longer want to struggle to be someone you’re not…then you need a coach!

Honestly, if you find yourself feeling “Comfortably Miserable” in a job that pays well but doesn’t feed your soul, in a relationship that is familiar but not the love of your life, or wondering, “Is this all there is?” then my friend you definitely need a coach and that coach is yours truly!