The Death of Prince
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 6, 2021

I’ll admit, I wasn’t a frequent listener of of Prince’s music, but truly respect him as an incredibly talented artist!

This morning, when I received the news alert he was found dead in his home, it struck me more than I ever imagined it would. But, definitely not like when I heard Robin Williams died. With him I felt a much deeper connection. I remember,  tears streamed down my face for his pain and that his amazing human being was gone.

Ever have that happen? Someone you’ve never met dies, or moves on as I like to think of it, and for some reason you get more emotional than you expected?

Well, for me a couple of things have been keeping my mind busy today. And, because I need to turn tough experiences into positive ones, I want to share them with you if I may.

Here are my lessons/reminders I’m reminded of from Prince’s death: 

  1. You never know when your time is going to be called
  2. No matter how much money and fame you have nothing compares to having your health and true happiness
  3. Life really is fucking short when you get on the backside of the years
  4. Don’t waste time working to make a living but instead live to make a life
  5. Always say your peace and goodbyes because it might be the last time you ever will – NO SHIT!

Prince was only 57 years young. I say this because I’m 47 and ten years goes by in a flash. Just ask anyone with kids!

I’ll admit I’m just a tad concerned about how fast time is flying by. Seeing my idols and celebrities I grew up with dying every other day is trippy. Shit, Doris Roberts just died and she was 90! What the fuck? When did she get to be 90??

I just felt the need to share my thoughts and feelings tonight as I process life and the next journey we’ll all face one day. So my KICKASS family – choose your people and activities wisely so you never regret your time here was wasted!

Much love and KICKASS Happiness,



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