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How Do I Know If I Need a Coach?

If you want true abundance, confidence, and congruency in your overall life…then you need a coach!

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired…then you need a coach!

If you’ve been hoping, wishing, and yes, even praying, for different results and not getting them…then you need a coach!

If you want to feel like you are really LIVING rather than simply EXISTING….then you need a coach!

If you no longer want to struggle to be someone you’re not…then you need a coach!

Honestly, if you find yourself feeling “Comfortably Miserable” in a job that pays well but doesn’t feed your soul, in a relationship that is familiar but not the love of your life, or wondering, “Is this all there is?” then my friend you definitely need a coach and that coach is yours truly!

Who Won The Presidential Debate?

Normally, for the most part, I stay away from watching the news or politics! I kicked the habit about six years ago and my life has continued to improve ever since! Just say "NO!" However, with what's going on here in these UNITED STATES my fingers are itching to get...

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