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Apr 6, 2021

WARNING: This post is from my heart to yours!

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching (once again) these last few days and have reminded myself of a few important perspectives about having a KICKASS life. Allow me to share:

  1. If someone has a different opinion than you – that’s actually awesome!
    How much would we or anyone else really get done if we didn’t have opposing views/opinions expectations. Our world would be absolutely boring if we didn’t have discussions/disagreements and loved the same potato chips!
    Go out and purposely watch the opposing programs/opinions. Dig deep to find the ROOT cause as to why you don’t want disagreements in your life. Ask yourself why you’d want everyone to think and choose the same for their lives as you have for yours!
  2. We are all more like little boys and girls deep within than we are highly functioning adults.
    Let’s get serious for a minute. I’ve found in my coaching especially most of my clients have issues that are lodged in their childhood. Which tends to mean that a portion of us are still at that psychological age. We need to heal ourselves – forgive ourselves and especially have empathy for others. Would’t you want others to have empathy and respect for your journey.
    I’ve said it a million times – we are more the SAME than different. Challenge me on that sometime!
  3. Most people won’t change their minds – especially from a social media post.
    Actually, most will dig their heels in deeper or become more conflicted about their own choices, but most won’t budge. “Sunk-Cost Bias” comes to mind. Once we make a declaration of what we most adamantly want and pursue said thing – we often feel embarassed, frustrated, and feel a loss of something when we let go and change our minds about major aspects of our past and especially our future.
    Over the course since Covid really started I’ve personally spoken with and coached quite a lot of you all who I’ve never spoken to before. Thank you. I was very surprised at one fundamental aspect: Many have issues with wanting to make others like them. Respect them. Listen to them. But generally are not loving and listening to their own hearts.
    Furthermore, I’ve personally witnessed in my own coaching clients, a massive shift in their confidence to let go of old beliefs, ideas, assumptions, to instead take that ENERGY and TIME to FOCUS on what is MOST important to them.
    Please, as someone who occasionally gets caught up in the bullshit of what’s going on around us, take a break from what is pissing you off, and instead, do stuff that makes you smile! That will leave a trail to a legacy you are supremely proud of.
    Stop reacting – instead choose to respond!
    Ask yourself, what am I really upset/pissed/frustrated about with MYSELF before you lash out at others.
    The answers are within. Trust me. I know. I’ve been on this journey for many years and man it’s a rocket ride when you let go simply of what doesn’t float your boat!
    Life is a CHOICE!
    Your attitude is a CHOICE!
    The actions you take are a CHOICE!
    Where you FOCUS is a choice!
    So, I ask you this simple question:
    Since Covid hit – have you become a BETTER person to yourself and others?
    Or, have you perhaps become someone you won’t be happy or proud of when all the dust settles on this chaotic year of 2020?
    Again, it’s a choice – YOURS! Choose wisely and never be afraid to change what isn’t working for you!!
    Thank YOU for reading and commenting and if it makes you take a step back – then I ask you please share this! We need to heal and move on – together!

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