One More and/or One Less
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 6, 2021

It’s ALLLL about one more or one less. Let me exlain: Say you start a walking program tonight for 30mins. Then, tomorrow you walk for 31minutes, the next 32mins and so on.

ALSO, you eat 100 less calories each day until you’re in a good range (see a health professional).

The point is, 1% change done consecutively leads to MASSIVE CHANGES!!!!

Conversely, one less walk, one more cheeseburger, has the same effect….over time. That’s why we walk in front of the mirror one day and go “Wholllllly crap! Who put a circus mirror in my bathroom???”

Ultimately it adds up to this:

YOUR Life…YOUR Choices….NO One Else’s…..Any Questions?

All my best,




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