What Do We NEED to Feel The Most?
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 6, 2021

Since I was a KICKASS lil crap I’ve been fascinated by human psychology and how we develop into who we are today. I know, this sounds deep, and it is. Read on my friend.

Over the course of the days, weeks, months, and years of my existence here, I’ve wanted to know what ONE thing it is we’re all searching for. Any ya know what, I believe I’ve found the buried treasure. Wanna know what it is? Read on.

From the time we’re kicked out of the safe sanctuary that is our mother’s uterus we’ve been battling to somehow fit in to the new world around us. Imagine for just a minute if you will – you’re in there, safe, warm, protected, and fed constantly. You can sleep whenever you want to and kick vital organs other times. The sounds of your mother’s voice become comforting in knowing she’ll always be right there for you. Then it happens!

All of the sudden you’re handed the eviction notice of massive consequences! Without so much as a thirty-day notice, what was once “home” is now pushing you, head first, through an opening not fit for walnut, into a BRIGHT noisy world!! You’ve been born! Kicking and screaming the whole way!

So what happens next? Well, they take a turkey baster and get all the crap out of your mouth and throat so you can scream even louder. Then, the guy who helped create you, takes a pair of very sharp cutting utensils to your life-line connected to mamma – SNIP! Then, as you’re there, freezing and dripping with God knows what with these aliens starring at you, you’re thinking “What in the FUCK just happened?” Right?

I’ll spare the rest of the details since you can pretty much take it from here with your own story. However, the point of this is to share with you the main human desire we all have. Ready for it? Is it “Love”? Yeah, of course that’s part of IT. Is it “Respect”? Yes, that too is something we want as well.

In my personal opinion, all of those, and all the others you can think of are captured under the title of, “Significance”! Think about it. If we’re “Significant” in other people’s lives, we can assume we’re loved and respected as well right? When we’re “Significant” we’re valued, appreciated, needed, and everything else too! But, I know what you’re thinking “A masked murder is considered SIGNIFICANT” too Christopher!” And yes, you’d be correct. But why are they a masked murderer in the first place? Probably because they didn’t feel significant in other areas of their lives before. Kinda like the gang member who gets immediate attention (implied respect) when they hold a gun to someone’s forehead. Again, something they missed getting what they are after now when they were younger.

All I’m saying is make sure you’re making people in your life feel significant. Let them know their opinions matter. Get them involved in your life. One mistake I made with my mom as she got older was not asking for her ideas and help with my stuff going on. I wanted to prove to her I was my own man! That, I could do it on my own without her interference. I didn’t need her anymore – or so I thought. But that’s another story. But, what I did was, make her feel insignificant. I could have easily taken the time to listen and still did my own thing, but I wouldn’t even give her that. I know that hurt her – now.

On the flip side, are you getting out there and doing something of significance for you? Are you helping others who are less fortunate feel significant? To feel included, needed, and of course, loved? Are you taking the time for your needs, wants, and desires? Do you place yourself first or last in who gets what in life?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this particular post! I’d love to hear your feedback on it. I’m sure there will be differing opinions which is totally cool. This is how we learn from one another and grow in our perspectives etc.

 As always, you can find me on all the main social media areas which can be found on my website www.christopherrausch.com

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Al my best for YOURKICKASS Success & Happiness!



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