The KICKASS Radio Show Blog – Guest: Craig Valine “Marketing Yourself Without the BS!” (10Mar2014)
Christopher Rausch
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My guest for tonight’s edition of The KICKASS™ Radio Show was Craig Valine…affectionately known as “NO B.S. Craig!” Intrigued? I thought you might be. Please, read on.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE KICKASS™ no bullshit kinda people and Craig is definitely no BS! He calls himself a “Marketing Performance Strategist” – pretty nifty title right? He’s also the Founder of EMP (‘Enhanced Marketing Performance’) here in Pasadena California.

So, the topic of tonight’s KICKASS™ Radio Show was all about marketing. Now you might be saying “What in the hell does marketing have to do with me and my KICKASS™ life?” Well, whether you believe this or not, you are “marketing” yourself all the time!

Think about it. Just like your favorite brands you buy at the grocery store or anywhere else you’ve got a brand and reputation too. Hopefully for you it’s a positive one! But if not, please read on.

I will admit, Craig’s focus is to help entrepreneurs examine their strategies that aren’t necessarily working and strategize successful solutions that get results! But again, keep reading. I promise the information shared will help you in someway. 

Now, you know by now, the point of the show is for my guests to share five tips the listening audience can begin using right away. Here are Craig Valine’s KICKASS™ marketing tips:

1.    Don’t be an advertising victim!
2.    “The last thing you ever want to be compared to is just another _______.”
3.    Don’t try to ‘wing’ your way to success.
4.    Diversity creates stability.
5.    Success as an entrepreneur comes down to one thing: Speed to implementation. (Get stuff done!)

You can hear Craig explain each one of these right here on The KICKASS Radio Show

Ultimately, yours truly was reminded the key to true success is a little bit of determination, mixed with a healthy dose of resourcefulness, and topped off with strong goals and plans! 

Make the time to listen to this show because as Craig talks about the marketing aspect, I tie in the personal aspect to his tips! Something for everyone! Well, unless you think you’ve already got all the answers. 


If you know a KICKASS™ person who’s got a story and tips to share that can help people immediately change their own lives, please send an email to the show at because we’d love to talk with them!

Also, if you have feedback of what you’d like to have improved on the show, please let us know! We can’t change what we don’t know about! Just like in our own lives!

Again, listen this and all the past shows! If you do, and you take notes and action, you will achieve a truly awesome life! Those recorded shows are available via iTunes “The KICKASS Radio Show”

Until next time, wishing you all my KICKASS™ best!





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