KICKASS Life Tip #17 – Courage to Own Who You Are!
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 8, 2021

“The courage to unapologetically own who we are at our CORE is critical to living an UNSTOPPABLE KICKASS life!” – Christopher Rausch

This afternoon I was in the middle of writing a Facebook post about an important lesson I wanted to share but wasn’t sure which one in my repertoire fit the message in my head. So, I sat back in my chair, and reflected back on my crazy amazing life and what it took for me to get here. Some seriously intense circumstances flashed in my mind. Unbelievable situations that tested me so much I literally had to focus from millisecond to millisecond just so I wouldn’t completely lose my shit! Then I suddenly came to the realization, “Wow, I’ve learned shitload of really valuable lessons!”

What I’m about to say usually shocks people so please brace yourself. I’m actually happy they all happened!

For a few of them I wasn’t so giddy with excitement trust me. Like the fun time I  suddenly felt a cold 9mm gun pressing against my temple because of a simple misunderstanding. True story! This guy was trying to sell some stolen cigarettes but they were non-menthol. I smoked only menthol so I declined his generous offer and kept walking. Well, he and his “friend” stopped me because he thought I wasn’t buying them because he was black and I was white. WTF???

So there I stood, wondering if I was going to make the 11 o’clock news or not, I told him as kindly as I could, “I don’t give a shit what color you are – I only smoke Kool’s so if you got some of them I’ll take a carton, otherwise leave me alone!” Now I’m getting a little pissed off myself. No $5 carton of smokes and now a gun to my head and racist accusations???

After I deciding I didn’t care if I lived or not, I told him quite frankly, “If you’re gonna pull the fucking trigger then pull it or leave me the fuck alone!” I think he was a little shocked at my proclamation. Thankfully, someone who knew both of quickly intervened and all ended with a laugh for two out of three of us. I on the other hand now had laundry to do. #thinkaboutit

That said, I’m “happy” they happen for exposing me to the highest of highs and lowest of lows. From living on the streets, fighting for my survival every day, to recently adopting the cutest baby the world has ever seen!  My life continues to be truly amazing! If you don’t know my story and are interested you can check out a snippet of it here. Or, if you like videos there’s a cool one I made years ago you’ll love called “That Was Then – This Is Now”

As a result of all these unforgettable times, I’m been able to use my gifts, passions, and these life lessons to help probably thousands of people by now also become insanely UNSTOPPABLE like me. Whether it be personal relationships, or through my coaching, speaking, writing, videos, radio show, and social media, I’ve pretty much been there done that or helped someone who already has.

That said, I’m about to share with you one of THE most IMPORTANT lessons I’ve learned thus far in my life. Are you ready?

NO matter what you go after – NO matter what you purchase – NO matter who you are friends with – you WILL never truly be at complete peace and health until you are just YOU!

A huge component of being UNSTOPPABLE is having unbridled confidence when most shrink into their shell in fear of judgment or rejection. Sound familiar? Confidence to speak up for your needs, wants, and desires without feeling guilty or ashamed. Confidence to walk away from people who hold you back, who you no longer connect with, or even like anymore for that matter. The confidence to know that NO MATTER what – you’ll be fine where ever you go and do.

If you’re ready to take charge of YOUR life then I must share with you that your “friends” and “family” will most likely try to keep you the same. They’ll use fear and their “love” and any other means they can to keep you in their perfect idea of who you should be and what you should do. They will attempt to repeatedly beat you into submission to think and act how THEY want you to be. Yet, you MUST walk your own path, in your own comfy shoes, with your head held high and your mind completely open to new experiences!

It’s the difference between just “EXISTING” and truly “LIVING” this amazing gift we have called “Life.Please don’t live life playing it safe and pretending to be someone you’re not! Okay? Deal? You are unique and amazing so go fucking embrace it!!

Until next time, wishing you all the KICKASS success you go after!

Christopher Rausch

PS: I know this to be true because I’ve been guilty a time or ten of sacrificing my own happiness because I thought it was the “right” thing to do to make other people like me. I mean c’mon – one of the earliest stupid lessons we’re told is “don’t be selfish!” right? It’s not “selfish” to take care of your needs – it’s “Self Love”!


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