How to Handle Change
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 6, 2021

Life is going to be full of changes and the best way to get thru them is with a KICKASS attitude! While you may not agree with what’s going on – there are really only two options to consider:

1. Accept it
2. Change it

But sadly, most CHOOSE to be miserable instead of having the confidence to set sails on to new experiences. Does this sound painfully familiar?

This is what I share in my speaking and coaching – how to develop authentic self-confidence to create a KICKASS future! Doesn’t happen overnight but with the right mentors holding you accountable, it DOES!!

Another tip to possibly help inspire you is to consider your legacy and what you are teaching your children. Are you setting the example of LIVING life or simply EXISTING in it? Or said differently, are you going to one day regret all the opportunities you never created for yourself?

As always, if you need a mental kick in ass I’m here to provide –

Wishing you the best on YOUR journey!


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