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Apr 6, 2021

Five years ago I wished my mom “Happy Birthday” for the last time. She turned 69. Two days later her body decided it had finally fought enough and she continued her journey in spirit sans her extremely deteriorated vessel. 

My mother and I had a very dysfunctional relationship as some of you already know. However, on special days, whether it be hers or or mine, or holidays, we made the best of it we could. 

I share this part of me with you so you realize, and really take to heart, your parents, no matter if they were great or shitty, will be gone one day. Could be in a few hours or a few years. 

My point being this – don’t wait to have that talk you’ve been wanting to have. Don’t wait to ask the questions you may have. And for God sakes if you need to apologize for something, then do it NOW! 

As part of the anniversary of her becoming free from the painful life she created and endured, I’m working on a letter to her I will share in a few days with you. 

My friends, life is NOTHING to take for granted. Tomorrow for any of us is NOT guaranteed. If you were struck by a car later today, would you pass with a feeling of peace that you truly LIVED your life and are leaving a KICKASS legacy, or be immensely sad that you wasted time playing the “Someday” game with yourself? 

Every single day we get choices! What are yours saying about your legacy right now? 

Stay tuned for the continuation of the celebration of the life and impact of my mother – Meredith Samantha Blake. 

Much love to you all!


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