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Unstoppable KICKASS 6 Month Program
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Unstoppable KICKASS 6 Month Group Coaching Program

Starting: January 11, 2022

Monday’s 5pm (PST)

The statistics on how many people follow through and accomplish their New Years’ resolutions are rather grim! Studios have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their New Years’ resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them.

Don’t be part of that statistic!

This Six Month Group Coaching Program is custom-designed to support you in creating an UNSTOPPABLE KICKASS life and ensure your results for achieving a phenomenal and transformative year!

Join a dynamic group of extraordinary individuals who do not wish to be a statistic but who are committed to actualizing their dreams as we embark on the New Year.

The six-month journey is broken into three quarters with unique themes per week/ per month that focus on key topics designed to powerfully support you in your reinvention.

Can you imagine the bond created with your fellow participants as you witness each other’s transformation? As you can see the schedule covers your transition into the New Year and provide a strong framework to manage this transition.

Each month we’ll have a guest expert speaker for the group sharing tools in the areas of mind, body, and soul!

We are looking for 10 powerfully committed individuals who wish to champion their dreams and actualize them into reality. The commitment is 6 months.

Focus & Key Benefits Of The Program


  • Redsign
    • Clarity
    • Accountability
    • Commitment
    • Beliefs / Behavioral Change
  • Accelerate
    • Being A Rockstar
    • Gratitude
    • Communication
    • Being Unstoppable


  • Mindset Mastery
    • State Management
    • Personal Boundaries
    • Mastery Of The Inner Critic
    • Forgiveness
  • Discipline
    • Integrity
    • Habits
    • Resilience
    • Atitude


  • Champion
    • Values
    • Life Appreticeship
    • Vision
    • Legacy
  • Sustainability
    • No Excuses
    • Congruency
    • Support
    • Sustainabilty Plan

Group Coaching


Early bird bonuses

Early Bird Bonuses END December 31, 2021

– 1hr with Christopher prior to commencement of the program
– Early access to private FB Group and WhatsApp community
– 50% off 2nd ticket for couples/business partners
– Signed copy of my upcoming book
– Download of 169 KICKASS Tips for living an UNSTOPPABLE life
– (1) Each wristband “NO EXCUSES” & “BELIEVE” and the other “UNSTOPPABLE” and “NO EXCUSES”


– We are holding two spaces for those on limited income
– Application will be provided upon request
– Significantly reduced rate in exchange for helping with the group activities etc.



Our team has been working with Chris for over ten years. Chris has always been upfront, reasonable, and focused on win-win outcomes. We have enjoyed our partnership and wish him the best.

Andrew Foster
Director of Operations, Service Division at Pacific Rim Mechanical

You were on fire last night Christopher! That was a great panel. Looking forward to hearing all of you tonight. Thank you for stepping into the gap and making a positive difference!!

Jeffrey Wolfe

Like Shaft my brother, you are one bad M.F. and that is a compliment. You have your own unique brand Chris and keep on telling it just like you do!

Mark Gassert

Professional, Inspirational, and Reliable are 3 words that come to mind when asked about Christopher Rausch. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Christopher over the last 3 years. We worked together on a large beautification project at PADI Americas. During the project, I met with Christopher on many occasions to discuss the direction, scheduling, and overall progress of our progress of our part of the project. In those meetings, Christopher always had a very clear objective which is always helpful when trying to complete a project. I highly recommend Christopher and look forward to working with him again.

Chris Tucker

Been following your page for a while now, and around the first of the year, you posted something that I can't find now of course. But in a nutshell, the post meant that people can only do to you what you allow, stop whining, make a plan, set a goal and a date... and DO IT!!! Well I did, it worked, I am right on schedule within my timeframe, and am fixing to start a new job. I absolutely love this!!! However, you worded it that particular day, was what I needed to hear... YOU made the difference and I just wanted to thank you!! You do make a difference!

Gayla Reinkens

Exactly what I needed to hear today! You said it all. You actually care about people and you are helping. Thank you! You're the no excuses coach, but you do it with kindness and understanding. That's the difference. Keep it up!

Rebecca Evans

I absolutely love this guy! His outlook, his words, and his encouragement. He is amazing! You don't find many that have the love like this for helping others. #unstoppable

Lisa McFarlin

I am writing to thank you again for the excellent presentation you put on for my company. The training session you conducted for our managers, customer service staff, and administration staff was an overwhelming positive experience. The event was very well received and looking forwards to scheduling our next one.

Kelly A. Martinez

If you are interested in motivation and inspiration I HIGHLY recommend following Christopher Rausch the NO Excuses Coach and Scott Goyette Founder and CEO of 'Go Love Now' - Chris does a Raw & Unscripted video podcast weekly interviewing some of the most extraordinary thought leaders from around the world speaking on a diverse array of topics and also co-host with Scott a Friday Night Live show - both shows are well worth subscribing and following!

Sally Anderson
CEO Coach

Great show Chris! You are spot-on! Christopher Rausch is world-class as a coach, speaker, and all-round nice guy - inspiring

Kim Platts