Redefine Your Edge | Tanner Bleskin | The Unfiltered Experience w/Christopher Rausch & Scott Goyette
Friday, November 12th 2021 @ 5pm (PST) / 8pm (EST)
  • Shift your perspectives on how to live and think with a health mindset
  • Discover overlooked strategies for getting into and staying in shape
  • Learn proven strategies for improving your food choices in tough circumstances
Please join myself, Christopher Rausch and Scott Goyette for what will surely be a very passionate, energetic, and UNFILTERED conversation!!
Our guest expert this week is the author of the new book, “Playbook: An Athlete’s Stories to Help You Live a Healthier Life” Tanner Bleskin. In this conversation, Tanner will share with us what it takes to modify our mindset and perspectives on our health and fitness focus. Also, he’ll share responses to most common excuses people commonly use.
Please discover more about Tanner at : www.tjedgefitness.com
No doubt this conversation will provide tons of #inspiration and #motivation to potentially change your #Perspective and #Mindset! Bring your favorite note-taking tools and let’s make the changes we need to move to the next level of our life!
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