Creating Your KICKASS UNSTOPPABLE Life! | Raw & UNscripted w/Christopher Rausch

Tuesdays @ 7pm (pst) / 10pm (est)


  • Learn skills for shifting your focus and deter your monkey brain chatter


  • Discover methods for reducing your stress and overwhelm


  • Understand the steps to take on your own to take back control of your mind!


Please join me LIVE Tues, 10/12/2021 @ 7pm (PST) for a conversation on the core components of creating your own KICKASS life!



This content is part of my completely revamped 6-Month Coaching Program launching 01/11/2022. I will walk you through the components of taking responsibility for your journey from this point moving forward.



If 2020 and 2021 have been shit-shows for you then please consider releasing what and who are no longer working in your best interest. Time is THE MOST PRECIOUS commodity of all else in existence!!! Regrets are powerful tools to inspire self-accountability in moments where before you would have been lazy.



Please visit https://www.christopherrausch.com/group-coaching/ to find more preliminary information about the coaching program starting in Jan 2022!



No doubt this conversation will provide tons of #inspiration and #motivation to potentially change your #Perspective and #Mindset! Bring your favorite note-taking tools and let’s make the changes we need to move to the next level of our life!



BONUS: We’ll be interacting with you LIVE in the comments section with your thoughts and answering your questions!



Are YOU READY #KickassNation #MisFits4Life???










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