Do Not Give Up! You Are Almost There!
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 16, 2021

As your #noexcusescoach it’s my responsibility to ensure you (yes you!) become and remain #UNSTOPPABLE and committed to your truest of passions in life!!

I’ve found soooooooooo many people really do give up JUST WHEN THEY ARE ABOUT TO BREAK THRU!!!!

Please stop giving up on yourself and START ensuring you have the RIGHT people in your inner circle. Those who push you to go for your goals…those who don’t piss on your dreams….those who LOVE and WANT for you to rock your life!!!

I’m that person for you. Maybe.

IF you are currently what I once identified with as “Comfortably Miserable” please feel free to reach out for a conversation on my dime! Yes, a complimentary life strategy session with me where we focus on ONE area of your life you need the most guidance with!

When the student is ready…the teacher types this message!

Meanwhile, take this opportunity to consider what YOUR legacy will be in this life you are living now. Really take to heart what your impact will be in the world. Will you go after and achieve your dreams? Or will you end up regretting all the opportunities you COULD have taken?


The choice is ALWAYS yours! #Truth

#Mindset #Focus #Beliefs #NoRegrets #Execution


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If you want true abundance, confidence, and congruency in your overall life…then you need a coach!

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired…then you need a coach!

If you’ve been hoping, wishing, and yes, even praying, for different results and not getting them…then you need a coach!

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Honestly, if you find yourself feeling “Comfortably Miserable” in a job that pays well but doesn’t feed your soul, in a relationship that is familiar but not the love of your life, or wondering, “Is this all there is?” then my friend you definitely need a coach and that coach is yours truly!