Wholly Crap! What a Nightmare!
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 6, 2021

“If ya ain’t KICKING ASS then you’re
spending too much time sitting on IT!”

– Christopher Rausch

Greetings my fellow KICKASS peeps!!

Wholly CRAP! You ever had a nightmare suck so bad you wanted to beat your head against a tree just to erase the memory?

That shit happened to me the other night and is still haunting me! So, I figure the best thing to do is share it with YOU!

Now, I gotta say, normally I don’t remember dreams much, but this one is sticking to me like a spider web with super glue dammit!

But anyway, so there I am, in LALAland….when all of the sudden I’m told:

Christopher, you’re dying, its not lung cancer,
but you’ll progressively lose the ability to breathe
and eventually suffocate to death.”

Nice huh? And, get this, even in my nightmare, he was a half hour late for my appointment! What’s with doctors always being late??? We should charge THEM a late fee!

But anyway, the tale goes on. Now, I’m slowly realizing my breathing becoming more and more limited and I’m freaking the fuck out! “I don’t wanna die! I’ve got SO much I want to do!!” Anxiety…my heart is racing….NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m seeing people wondering “When or IF will I see you again?” I begin to feel I’ll never really have LIVED my life to the fullest. Ever get that feeling? Sucks doesn’t it?

I felt incredibly sad and just felt life escaping my body with every breathe I took.  

When I woke up, it took a minute to evaluate the situation. “What in the hell just HAPPENED???”

But, I always say “EVERYTHING happens for a reason!” so I decided the reason for this nightmare was:

1.     LIVE and EXPERIENCE more NOW!

2.     Share it with everyone!

3.     Don’t die with my message inside me

4.     Tell EVERYONE I love them (even the pricks!)!

5.     KICK my dreams into OVERDRIVE!

Listen, what I’m about to say is gonna center-punch you right in the forehead, but needs to be said – YOU’RE GONNA DIE SOMEDAY.  There I said it. I know you know it, but I don’t think we REALLY digest it until a shitty nightmare happens like the one I had.

It really cemented the realization in my head someday I’ll really take my last breath. AND, between now and then, could be in five minutes or preferably another 40years, I HAVE to make ABSOLUTELY sure I’m on purpose and doing what I WANT to do versus MORE of what I HAVE to do. Get me on this?

So, I strongly encourage you to make a bucket list and get to work! Keep that list everywhere and every day, take one tiny little action step that gets you closer to it! But more importantly ask yourself:

“What will be my legacy?” Then, answer it with actions, not just words!

Until next time, I wish you all the KICKASS SUCCESS you go after!


Christopher Rausch
“The KICKASS Guide to Life”

PS: for you dream analyzers, I’d like you to post comments on what you think this dream meant!



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