Letting Go# – Sorry Facebook We Have to Take a Break
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 6, 2021

Why I’m Taking a Break From Facebook

This is a long post but worth the read as it could possibly help you – now or eventually down the road in your life. If not, at least it’ll explain my absence from Facebook for a while.

My success thus far in life is because I consistently dedicate myself to learning and growing in all areas of my life. Because of this passion to invest and educate, along with my all too interesting life experiences, I’ve been very blessed to impact many lives around the world through sharing via my writing, speaking, coaching, and any other ways people will listen. Shit, I even talk to myself quite a bit – out loud even!

As you may know, recently I’ve been reading a couple of super KICKASS books which are impacting me pretty deeply. One you’ve seen me post about lately is “Letting Go – The Pathway to Surrender” and a few months ago a great one called “Essentialism.” Now let me ask you – are you seeing a theme here by chance?

That said, I have a transparency moment to share with you. Through the reading, and digging into my feelings deeper, I’ve come to realize areas about myself I must explore even more. I won’t go into all the details in this particular post. But, knowing me, I will share more about this introspective journey and discovery here very soon. In a nutshell, I’m realizing many of my frustrations are from having expectations which are unrealistic. Both for myself and others. Color me guilty! Hence, the letting go project.

With that, I’ve decided to take a break from checking Facebook for a bit. To ensure no backsliding, I’m deleing the app from my phone. Now, if you’re scratching your head, you’ll understand more as I share this journey in later posts.

Now, this doesn’t mean I won’t be sharing the KICKASS inspirational, motivational, and entertaining content you’ve all been so kind to let me know you appreciate. Most likely I’ll do that via Twitter and Instagram which updates Facebook anyway so you shouldn’t miss a beat. Or, get this, perhaps I’ll dust off my KICKASS newsletter and do it there instead. Are you already a part of the KICKASS Attitude Army? Anyway, one of my issues is I think shit to death so I’m trusting and running with this on gut instinct.  I know, I’m a daredevil!

So, what will I be doing with my free time you ask? Don’t laugh, but, focusing on REAL life for a bit. As of this writing, I’m very very thankful to have 1,709 “Friends” on Facebook. Awesome right? Well, guess how many real LIVE friends I SEE and TALK to on a regular basis? Hold out one hand and you’d be about right. Maybe even fold back a finger or two – but not those fingers haha.

Seriously, I share all of this with you because we (at least me) can get caught up with immaterial crap as a way of avoiding what’s REAL in our everyday life. Yes, it’s another form of addiction in a way. Personally, I believe in order to have a really super KICKASS journey, we gotta let go of what’s not essential. To trust our instincts that we’ll be okay, try different experiences, and see what truly fulfills our soul at the core level. Remember, we’re not the body – it’s just a vehicle for our spirit!

What I am also doing is giving you an open invitation to be one of those who I actually hear and perhaps even see. Imagine that shit! Just so you know, all of my personal contact information is always here on my website and of course you can still FB message (different app) me anytime if you like that better. No matter what, I’m here for YOU whenever you need or want to share something with me. Well, as long as I’m not on the potty or soundly sawing logs!

If this post hits you and want to share your thoughts – please let me know via message, email, or phone call. If not, absolutely no worries at all and I truly mean that! See, I’m letting go already.

Please don’t think of this as anything but me taking my growth to the next KICKASS level.  I know in my heart of hearts, as I continue to learn and grow, it only makes me stronger to help others in their journey too! All this, so I can continue my personal, and very real goal, of changing the world one attitude at a time!

I love you all and thank you for being a part of MY journey!

Wishing you my very KICKASS best,




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