When Did I Become an Asshole? 
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 6, 2021

Interesting question right? For those of us who are, let’s say, on in our time here, sometimes there is a tendency to become downright cynical and dare I say an asshole. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it seem like old people are eithe super chill or angry motherfuckers? Sometimes I wonder “Have you been a dick all your life?” 

Anyway, I saw a recent post along these lines and it made me think, as I was chompin on my In-N-Out burger, “What happens that nice people become jerks?” If you’re interested in my perspective then read on my friend. 

It seems, generally speaking of course, that life unravels kinda like this: 

  1. We’re babies and LOVE everything except strained carrots and grandma’s breath
  2. We become children who really don’t have any judgement at all – everything is new
  3. Then, the opinionated adults try to create mini-me’s by telling us what should be right and wrong (I’m talking to you parents and teachers out there) 
  4. Then, because we’re looking to belong, be accepted, get affection, acceptance, and any other way of wording it, we try to be like those we want said attention from
  5. Then, we go on about life, either proving or disproving our new conditioned beliefs. In other words, looking for what’s right or wrong with the world around us

Sound familiar? Well, before you start to argue with me in your head, remember, I said “generally speaking.” Hopefully since you’re reading this you’re not a complete asshole – yet. 

I teach that belief inspires reality. I feel a lot of what’s wrong (my opinion of course) with the world today is all of us (yes me too) are looking at what’s WRONG around us instead of what’s RIGHT! Make sense? For example, there can be fifty drivers all around us obeying traffic laws and being courteous but who in the fuck do we pick out of the bunch? Yes, the asshole selfish bastard driving the silver car with the Raiders stickers all over it. Sorry, not all Raider fans are shitty drivers. Please no hate mail haha. 

But seriously, does this sound like you? If so, you’re definitely not alone! Anyway, so then we get the thought in our head, “there are so many shitty drivers on the road.” Then, we look to fulfill that belief so we can prove ourselves right. Then, the first person we see after we get out of the car, even if total stranger, “A lot of crappy drivers on the road huh?” Looking for commonality in our misery. Probably where the saying “Misery loves company” came from. 

See my point? 

What would change in our belief system,  health, happiness, and overall experiences day in and day out if we focused on the great drivers? The awesome people in the world doing random acts of kindness? Shit, this whole blog is why I don’t watch the news or follow politics anymore. I can’t stand the news!!! 

Listen, you are not alone and it’s not too late. Quit focusing on what’s wrong with yourself and the world around you. Instead, change your attitude, get out and become part of the solution, and be grateful for all the unnecessary crap you’re worried about losing! 

I’ll leave you with this also, and this might sting, we often don’t like in others, that which we don’t like in ourselves! Bazinga! I know this because I’m guilty too. 

Much love and success until next time, 

Christopher Rausch



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