How to Handle Change

Life is going to be full of changes and the best way to get thru them is with a KICKASS attitude! While you may not agree with what’s going on – there are really only… Read More→

Five Tips for Living a KICKASS Life

Life is crazy isn’t it? One minute we’re kids dying to be grown-ups and the next were wondering where in the hell the time went right? Listen, one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned… Read More→

“Happy Holidays” vs “Merry Christmas”

“Happy Holidays” vs  “Merry Christmas”? I’ll keep this short and sweet! I’m getting bugged lately about all the bullshit political correctness going on around me this holiday season. Listen, who gives a crap if someone… Read More→

How In The Fuck Did I Get Like This???

Ever asked yourself “How in the FUCK did I get like this”? I did yesterday and I’ll share with you my answer in just a sec. I’m in the middle of creating what will be… Read More→

Are you "gut living?"

It’s GOTTA Be In Your Gut!!

What’s up people?? Happy Sunday night!! Hope you had a KICKASS weekend!! So, what’s gotta be in your gut beside chips and beer? One of the main reasons I started this movement with The Blue… Read More→

Don’t Be A Dick!!!

How many times have you uttered the phrase “Don’t be a dick!”? I know for me, it seems like it’s fucking daily!!! Listen boys and girls, you’re here because you want KICKASS success right? Well,… Read More→