Professional Speaker

Christopher’s enthusiasm and genuine, positive nature are absolutely infectious! He instantly captures the attention and hearts of his audience and walks with them through a series of entertaining & educational lessons that leave them with helpful tools they can use the very same day.

If you’re looking for a professional speaker who can connect with — and provide value for — your employees, managers, conference attendees, or association members, you’ve come to the right place! Christopher is passionate about helping people realize their true potential in all areas of their lives… and he’s equally passionate about helping you look good as an event planner!

Christopher presents keynotes & workshops on the following themes.
ALL topics can easily be toned-down on language, if requested.

  • Building & Keeping KICKASS™ Personal & Professional Relationships:
    10 Strategies for Growing Your Network, So You Can Live a KICKASS™ Life!
  • Overcoming Your Crappy Past to Have a KICKASS™ Future:
    Awesome Techniques for Awesome Living
  • Setting & Achieving Your Most KICKASS™ Goals:
    7 Necessary Steps for Creating an AWESOME Life!

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Christopher speaking on stage at Craig Duswalt's RockStar Marketing BootCamp