Unstoppable KICKASS 6 Month Group Coaching Program

For Immediate Release: Program Launch!!

UNSTOPPABLE KICKASS 6 Month Group Coaching Program

START DATE: November 16th 2019

The statistics on how many people follow through and accomplish their New Years resolutions is rather grim! Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their New Years resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them.

Don’t be part of that statistic!

This 6 Month Group Coaching Program is custom designed to start before the end of the year to support you to design an UNSTOPPABLE Kickass Life & to end the year powerfully yet support you as we transition into 2020!

Join a dynamic group of extraordinary individuals who do not wish to be a statistic but who are committed to actualizing their dreams as we embark into the New Year.

The 6 month journey is broken into 3 quarters with unique themes per week/per month that focus on key topics designed to powerfully support you in your reinvention.

Can you imagine the bond created with your fellow participants as you witness each others transformation. As you can see the schedule covers your transition into the New Year and provides the framework to support you so that you do not end up being yet another statistic.

We take a 3 week break between 2019 and 2020 and provide a strong framework to manage this transition.

We are looking for 10 powerfully committed individuals who wish to champion their dreams and actualize them into reality. The commitment is 6 months.

Applications are OPEN NOW!

If you wish to receive a Application Form to assess whether this is the right program for you then private message Christopher directly via christopher@christopherrausch.com, no later than Friday, 01 November 2019

The group is purposely designed to be ‘intimate’ in nature to ensure personalized support throughout the 6 month experience.

WARNING: ONLY highly motivated, committed individuals interested in experiencing an unfathomable results personally and professionally need apply!!!

What You Will Receive:

– PRIVATE 1-1 sessions pre-commencement and every 2nd month with Master NO Excuses Coach Christopher Rausch

– Limitless coaching between weekly group calls with Christopher Rausch himself – personally and professionally (anything goes) – most priceless aspect of the program

– Major traction throughout the 6 month period

– Focused Accountability

– Sustained momentum

– Cross leveraging knowledge of others in the program

– Gaining different perspectives

– Motivation – group support

– Co-creative brainstorming

– Mentoring where required where necessary

– PRIVATE Closed User Group on Facebook for those in the group to leverage sustained momentum/Share their experiences

– Buddy Support – you will be buddied off with a fellow participant as an added support/accountability structure

For more program details please click HERE

Time Commitment:

– 1 hour per week for the weekly group calls

– 1 hour per week to meet with your allocated buddy call, online or in person – 30 mins each way to re-enforce accountability

– Time at your discretion to (A) Manage activity relevant to the goals you are standing for (B) Engage in the support coaching provided (3) Scheduled private 1-1 coaching calls with your Master Coach

Financial Investment:

To make it easy for you we have 2 payment options:

A) Prepay in advance to access a 10% discount

B) Pay monthly for 6-month duration

The investment into a program of this caliber has been designed to be ‘cost affordable’ so it will be a first in first served basis!

Should you wish to be considered for this intake all that is required is the 1st months down payment and passing the application process. Depending on when you register you will be powerfully supported right through to the
commencement date of Saturday, 16 November 2019.

WARNING: This program is not for fragile type individuals but is designed for those who are TRULY COMMITTED to experiencing RESULTS at unprecedented levels!!! #UNSTOPPPABLE

In closing, we are aware that the ‘sustainability’ aspect of a high percentage of personal development programs is questionable which is why the last month of the program is focused on integrating the change and being able
to sustain the changes long after the program has completed.

If u are interested or know of anyone in your network that would be interested then we would love to hear from u!

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consultation call TODAY!