One-on-One Coaching

Private 1-1 No Excuses Coaching

Our biggest discoveries about ourselves and life is that we allow excuses to alter the depth and breadth of the trajectory of what we can accomplish in this life time.   

Private 1-1 No Excuses Coaching Programs are custom designed to have you slow down and turn inward to take advantage of the real journey of life: the internal one. Elevating your consciousness is how you take your life to the next level. 

Chris’s private coaching programs allows for flexibility, and mobility as you work with Chris online or face-to-face utilizing safe and reliable online platforms. We ensure your sessions are accessible, mobile, interactive and secure not to mention life altering. 

Programs are 6 months in length with structured sessions that are 1 hour in length weekly and or 2 hours in length fortnightly depending on what works best for the clients schedule.  On call coaching between sessions is also offered to support the integration of the education.

The program aims to partner you to REINVENT the reality of your world, personally and or professionally, EMPOWER you to fulfill on what fuels you, EXCELing to new dimensions never previously thought possible.

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