Transparency: Choices About Health

Good Morning world!! Transparency: As most of you know, I’m in battle with three different groups to lose weight! All for charity which is a great cause! I had a few moments yesterday where I… Read More→

How a Tree Taught Me About Life

One of the common excuses I hear from people crying in their beer is, “Well, I tried and it didn’t work!” Sound familiar? Sure, we’ve all been there! As sure as a bear shits in the… Read More→

Expectations and Dreams

The last few days have been interesting from the perspective of expectations of success and the realities thus far. But, and I know this in my heart of hearts, when we believe in something so… Read More→

Byron Davis creator of Live Your Epic Life

KICKASS Radio Show Blog – Guest: Byron Davis “Live Your Epic Life” (24Feb2014)

My guest for tonight’s show (2/24/2014) was Byron Davis. I met Byron at Craig Duswalt’s “Rockstar System for Success Marketing Bootcamp” in Los Angeles California a few years ago. Byron and I share very similar… Read More→

Personal Blog – Reflecting on 2013

Well, in the spirit of reflecting, which is something we should all do from time to time, I shall do here! And, share it with you! What has 2013 brought for the KICKASS Christopher Rausch?… Read More→

One More and/or One Less

It’s ALLLL about one more or one less. Let me exlain: Say you start a walking program tonight for 30mins. Then, tomorrow you walk for 31minutes, the next 32mins and so on. ALSO, you eat… Read More→