Raw & UNscripted w/ Christopher Rausch – Uncertainty

Raw & UNscripted w/Christopher Rausch – Uncertainty There will be times throughout our lives where we truly feel uncertain about our futures. This is normal. It sucks, yes, but it’s part of the journey. To… Read More→

Raw & Unscripted w/Christopher Rausch

Raw & Unscripted w/Christopher Rausch Allow me to share with you what tends to make be a bit crazy, sad, disappointed, angered, and of course, introspective: – To be betrayed – To be misunderstood Fortunately,… Read More→

Raw & UNscripted w/Christopher Rausch – Shift & Refocus

Raw & UNscripted w/Christopher Rausch – Shift & Refocus What’s up my brothers and sisters of the KICKASS nation? Yes, it is I, the “Master Motivator” or “Mr. KICKASS” with yet another installment of “Raw… Read More→

What it Takes to Become UNSTOPPABLE #7 – Don’t Stop Until You’re Done! 

I’ve been accused of being a “workaholic” or that I’m too driven, but I also achieve RESULTS!! I’ve busted my ass, sacrificed a lot, and invested in myself to get the KICKASS life I’ve earned… Read More→

What Am I?

Ever feel like a kitten chasing a laser pointer in circles for hours ending up dizzy as shit without ever capturing said pointer?  Attempting to answer the question, “What Am I” most often results in… Read More→

Happy Birthday Mom

Five years ago I wished my mom “Happy Birthday” for the last time. She turned 69. Two days later her body decided it had finally fought enough and she continued her journey in spirit sans… Read More→