35 Years Ago…

…it all changed overnight! What changed you might be asking? My life! I was barely 13years old.   May 10th, 1982 to be exact is the day I became a homeless 7th grade dropout. My… Read More→

Five Tips for Living a KICKASS Life

Life is crazy isn’t it? One minute we’re kids dying to be grown-ups and the next were wondering where in the hell the time went right? Listen, one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned… Read More→

Time to Hit The Reset Button on Life!

Don’t you wish you had a magical “RESET” button? You know, it’s a super-duper shitty day and there right in front of you is a big red smashable life resetting button! Wouldn’t that be totally… Read More→

What Do We NEED to Feel The Most?

Since I was a KICKASS lil crap I’ve been fascinated by human psychology and how we develop into who we are today. I know, this sounds deep, and it is. Read on my friend. Over… Read More→

What Agreements Are YOU Making?

….with yourself?   Hello boys and girls and everything in between! Welcome back to another issue of “What in the hell are you doing anyway?” In this edition, we’re gonna talk about a particular book… Read More→

The KICKASS Radio Show Blog – Larry Broughton – Authenticity

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