The Death of Prince

I’ll admit, I wasn’t a frequent listener of of Prince’s music, but truly respect him as an incredibly talented artist! This morning, when I received the news alert he was found dead in his home,… Read More→

What Do We NEED to Feel The Most?

Since I was a KICKASS lil crap I’ve been fascinated by human psychology and how we develop into who we are today. I know, this sounds deep, and it is. Read on my friend. Over… Read More→

Think About It – Your Health

I want you to think about something for a minute. Your health, your ability to do something now, may not always be there for you to enjoy.  At 44 years of age, I was just… Read More→

What's on your bucket list?

Wholly Crap! What a Nightmare!

“If ya ain’t KICKING ASS then you’re spending too much time sitting on IT!” – Christopher Rausch Greetings my fellow KICKASS peeps!! Wholly CRAP! You ever had a nightmare suck so bad you wanted to… Read More→

Where Do I Start???

  HAAAAAPPPPPPYYYYY NEEEEWWWW YEEEEAAAARRRR!!!! Christopher Rausch here welcoming you to 2013 – the year your actions are gonna speak louder than words! It’s such a cliché this “New Year Resolutions” thing isn’t it? Well, for… Read More→

Thanks For Giving

  It absolutely boggles my poor little mind it’s “THE HOLIDAYS” again so dang soon! Feels like someone threw my life into the spin cycle these last 12months!!! Well, I’m sure you can tell by… Read More→