When It’s Time to Move On!

The TRAIN has left the RAUSCH station…. The “Train” is actually my beloved 2000 Harley Davidson Nightrain motorcycle. And, after many great years of owning her, she rode out of the Rausch house forever. Can… Read More→

Life Is Bullshit Sometimes

So, I’m sitting here, in my spare room of my awesome house, getting some feelings down on paper. Well, not paper, but on my computer. Isn’t life bullshit sometimes? The crap we put ourselves through… Read More→

Being Alone SUCKS!

Isn’t one of the worst human feelings being alone? It SUCKS doesn’t it??? I’m considered a popular guy in most respects, but still spend most of my life feeling alone. Why? Well, as much as… Read More→

Comfort Zones SUCK!

Simply put: COMFORT ZONES SUCK! Anything in the world worth doing is worth suffering for! Right? I mean, when have you achieved any ounce of success without blood, bruises, and a shitload of screaming? The… Read More→

How to NOT Royally Fuck Up Your Career!

What’s up PEOPLE??? Welcome back to another installment of The KICKASS Guide to Life! I’m gonna take wild ass guess the title of this blog got your attention because either: A) You’ve already royally fucked… Read More→

Change YOUR Shit TODAY!

What’s up PEOPLE???? If I had a buck for every time I hear some bullshit excuse for why someone hasn’t made changes in their life, I’d have enough dough to run for President! Seriously, we’re simple people… Read More→