What's on your bucket list?

Wholly Crap! What a Nightmare!

“If ya ain’t KICKING ASS then you’re spending too much time sitting on IT!” – Christopher Rausch Greetings my fellow KICKASS peeps!! Wholly CRAP! You ever had a nightmare suck so bad you wanted to… Read More→

How In The Fuck Did I Get Like This???

Ever asked yourself “How in the FUCK did I get like this”? I did yesterday and I’ll share with you my answer in just a sec. I’m in the middle of creating what will be… Read More→

Are you living an authentic life?


Hey Everyone – Just a quick note about authenticity to share. As you may know, Audra Erwin had the guts to let me be me – in the full CHRISTOPHER on her show last Friday…. Read More→

Are you "gut living?"

It’s GOTTA Be In Your Gut!!

What’s up people?? Happy Sunday night!! Hope you had a KICKASS weekend!! So, what’s gotta be in your gut beside chips and beer? One of the main reasons I started this movement with The Blue… Read More→

Don’t Be A Dick!!!

How many times have you uttered the phrase “Don’t be a dick!”? I know for me, it seems like it’s fucking daily!!! Listen boys and girls, you’re here because you want KICKASS success right? Well,… Read More→

10 Reasons To Shut The Fuck Up!

According to Christopher Rausch, the Master Motivator, here are his tips for when you should simply shut the fuck up! Enjoy! 1. If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the fuck up! 2…. Read More→