Did I Do My Best? KICKASS Life Tip#234

KICKASS Success Tip #234: “I did the best I could” A few years ago I caught myself saying that very sentence. Much like all the times before. However, that last time, I asked myself one… Read More→

Being UNSTOPPABLE Is…One Step at a Time

Are you UNSTOPPABLE? Or, are you sitting with limiting beliefs that are preventing you from going after your dreams? Take my advice, it’s simple yet so powerfully fucking effective: Determine what you want Take ONE… Read More→

Being UNSTOPPABLE IS….The Burning Belief

Have you EVER looked back on a shitty experience in your life and thought “How in the hell did I get through THAT?” In my coaching and speaking I’ve helped so many people get past… Read More→

Where Did My Confidence Go?

My main mission with everything I do here with The KICKASS Guide to Life is about teaching you (and reminding me) how to build true authentic self-confidence. The kind where you ROCK who you are… Read More→

They All Had SOMETHING in Common…

Davey Jones, Whitney Houston, Steve Jobs, Russell King Jr., Daniel Parmetor, and Demetrius Hewlin all have one thing in common: They’re dead. I know you must be saying to yourself, “I know the first three,… Read More→

The REAL Value of Time

  Can you hear it? Tick-tock, tick-tock, the second hand of life’s clock ticking by, only going forward, never back. Greetings my friend and welcome to the rest of your life! As cliché’ as it… Read More→