Had Enough Yet?

I’ve been doing quite a few coaching strategy calls lately (thank you for hitting me up!) and I’m finding one very important component missing from your lives.

That component is quite honestly the confidence to admit, and even say out loud to yourself, some people don’t deserve the love and space you hold for them…again and again and again!

Honestly, after history repeats itself a few dozen times, isn’t it ridiculous to hope, wish, and even pray “someday” they’ll come around and be there for you?? #Cmon

Listen, life is challenging enough just being YOU much less having to deal with those who might be living from a place that only serves them. #FeelMe
Stop banging on the doors of yesterday and turn the fuck around and start opening some amazing doors now with awesome people who get YOU and are there for and with YOU!

Regrets suck. Stop the insanity and grow a pair and stand up for yourself! Otherwise, who will?

7 billion people out there….go meet some of them!!

Is it easy? Shit NO! It sucks at first but guess what? Life is pretty awesome when you get away from toxic people who just suck the life from you. And get this – it’s really fun and exciting when those new doors start swinging open!! #TrustMe

PS: If this speaks to you and want to have one of these calls just message me – no sales no obligations – just love and service for my FB friends out there struggling :)

#NoExcusesCoach #NoRegrets #Choices #NoMoreBullshitDenial #Courage #UNSTOPPABLE

PPS: And in case you’re wondering this applies to EVERYONE in your life right now!! #FamilyIncluded