What it Takes to Become UNSTOPPABLE #7 – Don’t Stop Until You’re Done! 

I’ve been accused of being a “workaholic” or that I’m too driven, but I also achieve RESULTS!! I’ve busted my ass, sacrificed a lot, and invested in myself to get the KICKASS life I’ve earned today! It was NOT fucking easy! 

I had to really push myself sometimes to the point of sheer exhaustion, with my head in my hands saying over and over to myself, “Why am I doing this shit anyway???” But I got over my little “pity party” and got right back up and kept on going! I’m not here to blow rose scented smoke up your ass, but I’m sooooo grateful I never gave up on myself or my dreams! 

Are you giving up? Have you even really ever gotten seriously STARTED? 

Listen, you’re never ever going to “feel” like losing weight. You’re not going to “feel” like learning more stuff to get ahead in your personal or professional life necessarily. But I will tell you this, and I know it from personal and professional experience, you’ll regret what you didn’t do versus what you you DID! Trust me! 

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you want to become and remain UNSTOPPABLE, then my friend you have to find the WHY then you’ll find your HOW! 

“How do I get started then Christopher Rausch?” Great question:

1. Write down what you’ve been “trying” to accomplish 

2. Write next to each why you haven’t achieved it (be fucking brutally honest with yourself) 

3. Decide if it’s REALLY that important to you? Will you regret not accomplishing it if you were shot dead today? 

4. Brainstorm some OPTIONS that just might earn you different results

5. Find an accountability partner with a huge heart but tough love (who won’t accept your excuses anymore) 

You have to be willing and ready to get uncomfortable otherwise you won’t change. You need to get seriously pissed off and disgusted with yourself! Believe me, anger pointed in the right direction is an amazing catalyst to achieving your dreams!

Otherwise, until you do, you probably won’t change until something terrible happens that PUSHES you to the pain of HAVING to change! Then, it’s often a case of being to late to the solution party and you end up with a lifetime of regrets. 

Is this you? Please don’t let it continue! Email me today if you’re seriously ready to have a 30min free consultation if coaching is right for you! 


Until next time, wishing you all the KICKASS success you go after!

Much Love,