Please check your facts about who you choose for President

Who Won The Presidential Debate?

Normally, for the most part, I stay away from watching the news or politics! I kicked the habit about six years ago and my life has continued to improve ever since! Just say “NO!”

However, with what’s going on here in these UNITED STATES my fingers are itching to get on this keyboard and share my observations and make a request!

If you’re truly a KICKASS person this won’t be too much to ask. But, please read on. I’m just getting started!

First, let me start by saying: I respect your right to vote for whoever you feel will be the next President, but all I ask is this: Please check your facts before you decide and share your “truths” on either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump!


This is serious business and none of us can get caught up in or worry any of the following:

1. “Umm…Shit I already said I’m for this person and don’t want to appear wishy-washy etc. even though the facts are different from their lies and mistatements”

2. “Facts smachts – I’m still gonna vote for_______ because I think they’ll still do a better job! Who doesn’t lie anyway?”

Now, please take what I’m about to say very seriously – this is probably one of THE most important elections of our LIFETIME!

How we decide could impact the legacy of our great country FOREVER!

Yes, the pool of candidates sucks but obviously, like as a juror in court, we have to consider what’s true and lies.

And I’ll end with this, yes, both have lied and done stupid shit and trust me, my desire was for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders but he got screwed. However, I’m basing my choice on a few factors:

1. Who has demonstrated experience in government?
2. Who has people in their corner with demonstrated experience running the country and doing it well?
3. Who is LESS likely to get us nuked?
4. Who is LESS likely to throw us into a civil war?

Politics suck and we all know it. Trust me, if I could run for President I would. It’s down to a choice of the lesser of two evils.

It’s my sincere desire with this post to give you something to really consider in your heart of hearts. Not to cause arguments and bashing. I think I’ve stated as much as I can for both sides.

Please! Thank you!

Until next time, please stay classy and KICKASS!