Did I Do My Best? KICKASS Life Tip#234

KICKASS Success Tip #234: “I did the best I could”

A few years ago I caught myself saying that very sentence. Much like all the times before. However, that last time, I asked myself one critical question I want you to consider the next you say it or think it. Are you ready? 

Ask yourself “Was THAT reallllllly my BEST?” 

Seriously, often times we use that EXCUSE when something doesn’t go as planned. Right? It comes from when we were kids. Think about it. 

Mom: “Why did you get a C on that test?” 
Chris: “Mom, I did the best I could!” 
Mom: “Well, if you say so” 

Lesson: I’m off the hook as long as I SAY, “I did my best.” 

But seriously, what is your “best”? Is it mediocre? Or, does it involved blood, sweat and tears? Does it involve considerable planning, learning, trying, and insane dedication? 

Quit giving yourself excuses and start giving yourself some accountability! This is how as a coach I absolutely get the BEST out of people because I don’t take anything less! And that my friends equals results! 

If you are truly ready to take your success to the next level of awesomeness then give me a call and we’ll do a 30min strategy session to see if coaching is right for you – and me! I ONLY take people who prove to me they are READY! 

What have you got to lose? Or, what do you have to gain?