Raw & Unscripted w/Christopher Rausch – Feeling Disappointed & Frustrated

Can I share something personal with you? Can you keep a secret? Well, I don’t expect you to keep this a secret considering I’m publishing it for the world to see. 

At this very moment I’m feeling frustrated and disappointed with life. And, since I’m very transparent, I’m going to tell you why. This is “Raw & Unscripted w/Christopher Rausch” after all right? 

I posted on Facebook a day or so ago positive qualities about myself that I also termed as my “Faults.” Meaning, being loyal, determined, passionate, and whatever else I put, are usually my strengths but at times they are also faults. Why? Because most of the time my expectations for what CAN be often leads to me to be reminded of what IS. In short, reality sucks sometimes. Especially for the Master Motivator that’s me.  

You see, my personal journey has afforded me a shitload of experiences which have continually made me stronger and stronger and STRONGER. I’m hearing you mutter to yourself “But isn’t that GOOD Christopher?” And to that I answer – most of the time. Key word here is “Most.” 

Because I’m so strong, driven, motivated, passionate, and knowledgable, I see the possibilities where many don’t. Here’s the God’s honest truth – I tend to believe in people more than they believe in themselves. My desire to to “show” the world how it can be often winds up me writing blogs like this to process my emotions and again – help you know you aren’t alone. The shittiest days are when my positive well-meaning intentions to help and make things BETTER are misunderstood and taken for something completely off track. Those I care about thinking my motives are either selfish, not needed, or that I’m pushing them too hard for what? See my dilemma? 

I often remind people, that when a famous athlete is accepting a major award for an insane accomplishment, they often first thank their coach. The fucking asshole that used to run them into the ground until they were exhausted and nearly crying, but are the REAL reason they’re there accepting that very award. That coach, who cared and saw the potential for greatness in them, the coach who hammered them time and time again to be the BEST when they just okay with being average. For without that passionate, dedicated, knowledgable coach, that player would probably be WATCHING the ceremony, not being the STAR of it. Ever had someone push you that at the time you wanted them to get run over by a heard of angry buffalo only later to realize you owe nearly everything to them? 

I tell my wife every so often “I wish I was normal.” Meaning, in my eyes, I wish I was the kinda guy who was fine with the status quo, having no serious aspirations of making a difference in the world. A guy who just looked forward to hours of sports on TV, a bag of Doritos, and a six-pack of beer every night. But that’s NOT me. When I “try” to be “normal” it lasts for about a week and my DNA rally together and all at once kick me right in the jewels with steel-toed intentions to wake me the fuck up. Ever have this happen to you? 

I’m who I am and I’m good with it. Actually, I’m great with it. We all go through these times where we question if we’re doing and saying the “right” things but I’m here to tell you that you and me – we’re human! Never give up on who YOU are! Never deny the amazing gifts you have to share with the world! If the people around you don’t appreciate it, then get new people. Listen, there are enough people in this amazing world who get YOU and will LOVE YOU for you! Dig? 

So, am I still disappointed and frustrated? Honestly, not really. Will I change who I am? Nope. Will I possibly let go of certain beliefs and aspirations for what isn’t working? Hell fucking yes! I just need to get better at realizing it sooner! 

Hey, thanks for reading and I truly hope these words, my personal feelings on paper, inspire you. Inspire you to hold on to what makes you unique. That you won’t try to “fit in” with those who could truthfully care less about you unless it serves them. We’re in this journey together – me and you! 
Much love and KICKASS success with YOUR journey!