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KICKASS Radio Show Blog – Guest: Byron Davis “Live Your Epic Life” (24Feb2014)

My guest for tonight’s show (2/24/2014) was Byron Davis. I met Byron at Craig Duswalt’s “Rockstar System for Success Marketing Bootcamp” in Los Angeles California a few years ago.

Byron and I share very similar stories. We both grew up in the “hood” which by default comes with a healthy stream of adversity as well. Now, could you imagine, being six years old, and finding out your dad was brutally murdered, tied to a bedpost and shot in cold blood? Sadly, it was a drug deal gone all sorts of wrong.

Fortunately, six-year old Byron had the strength of his KICKASS™ mother there to get him through those sad and lonely times. Her advice is something we all need to hear AND apply in our own lives. Wanna hear it? We’ll, just hang on a sec and I’ll share it with you. But first, let me finish telling you about Byron’s incredible story.

For many of us, High School was a seriously fucked up time in our lives right? Well, I actually didn’t make it to High School and now I’m glad I didn’t but that’s another story for another time. But in addition to all the other crap that goes on could you also picture having a stuttering problem too? Yeah, the now professional and motivational speaker had a stuttering problem as a teenager! But here’s the kicker, he didn’t hide and pretend that it didn’t exist. Instead, he got resourceful and used humor to deflect some of the attention from it. He also used what he calls “Verbal Gymnastics” and when you listen to the show you’ll find out what that’s all about! The KICKASS Radio Show – Byron Davis

Now here’s where Byron Davis’ story gets really juicy. Let me ask you – what does 3/10ths of a second mean to you? If you’re like me, not much right? Shit, I can’t even tell you where that’s at on a stop watch if I had to! But for Byron, 3/10ths of a second would mean missing a chance to compete in the 1996 Olympics! Yeah, how’s that for a bummer of massive proportions? Talk about disappointment right? Some people would hang themselves, or at least spend the rest of their lives bitching about the “one that got away” right? If you want to hear how he overcame what he calls “One of the darkest days of my life” please listen to him explain it personally via this link The KICKASS Radio Show – Byron Davis

Like I said earlier, Byron’s message and mine are very similar, right down to his central statement of the show that “we must own the present moment.” The statement is pretty self-explanatory, but let me break it down for just a minute. I talk to a lot of people and sadly a lot of them live with a victim mindset. In a nutshell, they live in the past because of some screwed up shit that happened to them when they were a playground going little kid. On the flipside, a lot of people also live too much in the future with the “what if’s” that literally paralyzes them from….living in the moment!

When you listen to the show you’ll hear Byron’s he shares about what you can do now to take what you had happen in the past and use it to your advantage today!  

The core of the show is all about the Five KICKASS Tips my guests share each and every week (Monday’s 6pm PST). With that, Byron did just that!

  1. Become clear on who you serve
  2. Pick the problem then pick the fight
  3. Create the ultimate resource that helps people the most
  4. Become a champion/crusader to get yourself out there to be known as the expert
  5. Create an “Authority Site” where people you meet can find you

So, whether you’re a business entrepreneur, or work a traditional 9 to 5 job, what Byron shares can be applied in your life! Ask and answer for yourself:

“Do I want an average life?”

“Do I want a defeated life?”


“Do I want an EPIC life?” 


If you know a KICKASS™ person who’s got a story and tips to share that can help people immediately change their own lives, please send an email to the show at because we’d love to talk with them!

Also, if you have feedback of what you’d like to have improved on the show, please let us know! We can’t change what we don’t know about! Just like in our own lives!

Again, listen this and all the past shows! If you do, and you take notes and action, you will achieve a truly awesome life! Those recorded shows are available via iTunes “The KICKASS Radio Show”

Until next time, wishing you all my KICKASS™ best!


PS: Oh yeah I almost forgot! The advice Byron’s mom gave was “Never let anyone tell YOUR story!” – words to live by my friends!