Transparency: “What’s Going On With Christopher?”

Transparency: A few have been asking “What’s going on with you lately Christopher?” The Answer: Taking a step back from the lighted stage to regroup and check myself and priorities.

I apologize if you’ve contacted me about business ideas etc. and haven’t responded immediately like I normally do. Honestly, I just had to step back in life and ask myself the same questions we all SHOULD be asking – What’s REALLY important and WHY do I want to do THIS etc.

I LOVE LOVE speaking and coaching!! I’m not going away from that! But, the truth is, like in any business, there’s negative stuff that goes on that doesn’t jive with who I am at the core. AND, truth again, I was selling my soul a little bit for the fame and money. Trying to be all motivation to all people – constantly trying to share my beliefs that anything is possible etc. Exhausting and unrewarding – expectations too high.

So the step back was to ask “Am I willing to compromise a little bit of what I am at my CORE for the fame and money, or do I want to REALLY walk the talk I preach?” And, the answer is…..NO!

The famous Les Brown told me, to my face, multiple times, “Christopher, you’re an amazing speaker who could make a LOT of money, just put the suit on and keep it clean etc.” And, for those who’ve seen it, my mentor Les, asked ME to put on a bandanna :) As my friend Melanie Lotich McGraw said – “we’ve got to take off the mask and be who we are!”

Also, because I am transparent, have been dealing with a few MINOR health issues that have had me struggling mentally and physically lately. But, as always, I’m a FIGHTER through and through!! “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!” – tattoo forthcoming :)

SO, there ya have it. In a nutshell, I’m human :)

One thing you’ll ALWAYS get from my speaking, coaching, writing, etc. is gonna be AUTHENTIC! NO bullshit People who espouse “I’m always happy and every day is sunny” are full of crap (mostly). It’s NOT true for anyone! But, you can COUNT on me to learn and grow and demonstrate the fact that “Fail” is NOT in my vocabulary :)

With all that, if you’re with me, I love and thank you! If my message and authenticity isn’t for you – I wish you ALL THE BEST in your journey! I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. We’re all on a journey and we need to adjust as we go so that in the end, when we pass, we can say like Franky “I did it MY way…”

All my KICKASS Best,


PS: I truly hope that by opening my soul to you – that you perhaps grab a mirror and ask yourself some of these questions. Honestly, since doing all this, I’m feeling better and better mentally and physically – I’m just being me :)

If you’re sick of wearing the mask, get in touch, we’ll work something out to help you get the 500lb ego gorilla off your back too :)

PPS: Special thanks and love go to my wife and best friend Barbara Rausch – I couldn’t do it without you!!! xoxo