Motivational Speaker, Christopher Rausch talks about how to be your best everyday!

Be The BEST With What Ya Got!

Ever catch yourself saying “I did the best I could”?

I’m sure you have, we all have. But, did you really think about chucking the word “best” out there before you said it? I’m guessing not so much, right?

I know from personal reflection recently, when I’ve said “I did the best I could” I was lying. Yes, I said it! I’m taking responsibility for the fact I’m a little lazy and also a work in progress, like you!

So, what does this mean? It means we’ve been brainwashed since we were little shits into lying so we won’t get put on blast for doing only a half-assed job.

Think about it. Remember when you came home from school with a “C” and mommy and daddy asked “IS that the BEST you could do?” You, in your little lying mind though “Crap, if I tell them I didn’t do my best, I’m gonna get whooped and lose my Atari 2600 privileges for a week!!!” So, you crossed your fingers behind your back and sheepishly said “YES mommy and daddy, I did the BEST I could do!” And then you happily went and played Space Invaders on your 12” in black and white TV.

I’m here to tell you ———> QUIT LYING TO YOURSELF and others!!!

Just be honest and make some changes!

Once you realize you’ve been doing this more than you think, you can change your evil ways. How?

  1. Do what you’re ABSOLUTELY passionate about
  2. Delegate, defer, or quit what you’re not passionate about
  3. GIVE everything your BEST and REALLY dig deep!!!

It’s about blood, sweat, and tears my friends. It’s about getting the fuck out of your cushy little comfort zone. Is there a risk for pain and suffering? Well, yeah, no duh! But, only if you give up!

KICKASS people push past the pain, and pull themselves up again and again keeping their eyes and heart on the goal!


Wishing you ALL the KICKASS success you go after!!