Are you "gut living?"

It’s GOTTA Be In Your Gut!!

What’s up people?? Happy Sunday night!! Hope you had a KICKASS weekend!!

So, what’s gotta be in your gut beside chips and beer?

One of the main reasons I started this movement with The Blue Collar Guide to Life was to fill a void in my heart. I’m transparent – I’m human – I love helping people, but while being REAL doing it! Get what I mean?

I’m learning more and more to have awesome success that pisses off your enemies you have to live from your gut!

There’s two kinds of living:

1. Surface Living

2. Gut Living

The first, “Surface Living” is simply just being fake. Putting on a face, a uniform, and pretending to be something you’re not just to get money. Does this sound familiar?

“I hate my job, I hate traffic, my coworkers suck donkey balls, and I wish I could quit tomorrow!”

Well, there’s a shitload of people saying that every single day. But, most of them aren’t doing shit about it. They “hope”, “pray”, and “wish” something will change. They’re prostitutes basically.

Now, let’s talk about “Gut Living” the place I’m moving to more and more. When you listen to your gut, really honestly listen, and you make changes to live from your gut, amazing shit happens.

Like, when you smile, you really, really, really mean it! You’re living what’s called a congruent life – basically your head and heart are on the same page. The “Surface Living” is an incongruent life. The lying tears you up and this is why there are over-eaters and alcoholics.

Someone recently said “Christopher, be the BEST YOU that YOU can be!” Pretty simple right?

Sure, we have to play the game to make money. I get that and by no means want you to run out and quit your job! But, think about your legacy, what you’re teaching your kids, will you have regrets when it’s all said and done?

I recently read an article by a hospice nurse (one of those insanely awesome people who basically sit with you until you die). They said one of the biggest regrets they’ve heard from patients is they didn’t live an honest life. They did shit because people told them or expected them to do it.

Are you doing that? Are you REALLY happy? It’s okay if you’re not. I’m not always, but I’m really trying to find the balance, but also saying “FUCK the balance!”

Just gotta say again, thank you so much for the feedback about this blog!!!

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All my best for your KICKASS success!!