Are you living an authentic life?


Hey Everyone – Just a quick note about authenticity to share. As you may know, Audra Erwin had the guts to let me be me – in the full CHRISTOPHER on her show last Friday. I have to tell you – there’s NOTHING like being able to really be YOU! NO joke!!

Check it out here:

I know politically we have to play the “Game” which is corporate and customer service etc. I get that and totally understand. BUT, when you just GO FOR IT….it does your heart good!!!

Like me, love me, or run from ME, I’m Chrisotpher Rausch….the KICKASS guy living a KICKASS life :) I may not be for everyone, but I’m definitely for me :)

I share because I care. Words are words, but ya know what, we get ONE crack at this LIFE. Why not make it what YOU want to be as opposed to what SOCIETY wants?

All my best from my hotel room in the UK where I’m having a blast helping people see past what others want them to see :) YOU ROCK!!