They All Had SOMETHING in Common…

Davey Jones, Whitney Houston, Steve Jobs, Russell King Jr., Daniel Parmetor, and Demetrius Hewlin all have one thing in common: They’re dead.

I know you must be saying to yourself, “I know the first three, but not the last three.” Well, you may have heard about a shooting in Ohio a few days ago. Those last three, are kids who’ll never see their next birthday.

Is this dramatic? Does this center-punch you in the gut? If so, then my job is done.

Yesterday, when I heard Davey Jones, at the young age of 66yrs, died of a sudden heart attack, my own mortality hit me in the face. The truth is, no matter if you have a GAZILLION dollars like Steve Jobs, or you’re a kid in school, we’re all going to die someday.

The problem I have is I see SOOOO many people, including yours truly, only existing in life. We’re waiting for this to happen, or for that to change, or worse, we’re blaming people in the past for why we aren’t happy.

To put it bluntly: That’s all busllshit! Let me repeat: that’s ALL BULLSHIT!

The only person we have to blame or hold accountable, is ourselves! It’s our choice every single moment of every single day what we focus on. If we focus on the news and let the crap affect us, then it’s our choice. If we choose to see beautiful flowers, great smells, see someone’s smile, that too is our choice.

Today, I learned of a one-week old baby going in for open heart surgery. Can you believe that? Can you¬†imagine what the parents and family must be going through? Now, are your problems that bad? I bet, if we all threw our problems into one big pile, we’d gladly take our own back.

So what to do?

I tell you what – ask yourself: What am I (yes you) doing to make the changes I know I need to make? In other words, are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

Live your life, those 1,440 minutes you get every day with passion and enthusiasm! Rose colored glasses? NO!!!! Be honest with yourself! Get your shit together and stop complaining about stuff that won’t matter in five years…much less five days.

I thank you for opening up your mind to my words. You are tremendous and just by the mere fact you read to the end, means YOU care!

Is life hard? Does it really suck sometimes? YES YES YES! But the only person who can do something is YOU!

So, get off your ass and live life! Give to those in need, laugh out loud, dress stupid to work, be yourself!

Until next time,

All my best,


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