About Christopher

Christopher Rausch is debateably the world’s most effective and impactful UNSTOPPABLE ‘No Excuses’ coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, retreat leader who’s life apprenticeship of victim to victor is nothing short of miraculous and surely inspiring!

Today, as an international keynote speaker, Rausch captivates and enthralls audiences with his story and then empowers them to accept what life has presented, embrace change and take action – personally & professionally. His commitment and credibility are indisputable as he so obviously lives his message. People leave awe-inspired and motivated to take action regardless of perceived obstacles!

California Business & Life Coach

I help people overcome their self-created crap without the self-help fluffy bullshit!

Rausch shares his unforgettable story and proven strategies through his proprietary education entitled ‘KICKASS Guide To Life’, as a complete guide to living and leading the best ‘KICKASS’, life possible.  Imagine the impact of his wisdom on your organization as he compassionately guides each person through the journey of self transformation. Christopher holds a Master’s Degree in Organisational Management and has heavily invested into his own personal and professional development and turns to the principles that he’s studied, taught, and lived by for more than 3 decades to partner 21st industry leaders/teams/individuals to heightened levels of performance.

Rausch has earned a reputation for straight talk, no-bullshit delivery, and a ‘No Excuses’ philosophy and has become a passionate and outspoken advocate for living life and leading a ‘KICKASS’ life.  The key differentiator of Rausch’s teachings can be articulated in his ‘no excuses’ positioning.  The average human being sells out to ‘excuses’ as the reason for not experiencing the change that they advocate.  When an individual or organisation is undergoing any form of ‘transformative change’, excuses become the acceptable norm.  Given Rausch’s life experience of pure ‘survival’ he did not have the luxury of ‘excuses’ which without a doubt has him be the most unparalleled teachers of our time in what it means to live and lead an ‘unstoppable’ existence.

His ground breaking education can be experienced via International Keynote Speaking / Private 1 on 1 Kickass Coaching / ’The Christopher Rausch 1-1 2 Day Immersion Experience / Unstoppable 90 Day Kickass Group Coaching Programs / 1 Day Kickass Workshops /  / 2 Day Kickass Retreats.  He has also delivered ‘Kickass Raw & Unscripted Podcasts’ for xx years providing tips and ideas to enhance and improve the quality of one’s personal and or professional lives in areas of Attitude/Mindset/Goal Setting/Relationships/Communication/Leadership/Teamwork/Career Development-Advancement/Health & Fitness and much more.

He lives in Riverside, California and is married to the love of his life Barbara and has one son, Jackson who is one of his biggest teachers in his life.  He is passionate about personal mastery and continuous improvement and is highly disciplined around personal fitness in mind and body.  In his spare time, he believes deeply in giving back to community by mentoring at-risk kids from The Brightest Star Organization and Olive Crest Children’s Foundation and loves anything related to music and cars.

If you are ready to become UNSTOPPABLE and live and lead a KICKASS life personally and professionally with NO EXCUSES, then BOOK NOW your complimentary laser coaching strategy session TODAY! 

Who Christopher Works With?

  • Executives, Businesses, and Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Teams
  • Elite sports people
  • Leaders in communities

1-1 No Excuses Coaching, Group Coaching, Team Performance Coaching, Management Consulting, Workshop Facilitation, Retreat Leading

Of his work Christopher says,

“I help people overcome their self-created crap
without all the self-help, fluffy B.S.”